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Keir Menzies is an assistant professor at the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, and cross-appointed to the department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Ottawa.  His research spans metabolism in various organs and organisms with a special interest on the metabolic aspects of stem cell health and tissue regeneration in neuromuscular diseases.



Explore new metabolic signalling pathways to help identify and develop translational treatment strategies for aging and age-related diseases.


By integrating systems biology approaches with animal phenotyping and molecular biology techniques, our lab explores signalling networks that control mitochondrial function in muscle and other important organs affecting whole body metabolism.


uottawaongarnet-visualidentityOur lab is an active affiliate of the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute (uOBMRI) and the Ottawa Institute for Systems Biology (OISB). We are also dedicated to creating new therapeutic strategies for neuromuscular diseases as a member of the university of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute (uOBMRI), the Centre for Neuromuscular Disease (CNMD) and the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine (OIRM). 

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